My activity of CMF Design is focused on creating, developing and delivering projects of Color, Material and Finishing Design for products and interiors, Industrial Design,  Design Labs, Trends' Analysis & Forecasting and creating Material Libraries. I communicate development phases during the process to ensure the stakeholders involved  are on the same page and satisfied.
If you're a Company, Agency, Design Studio, Designer, how I will work for/with you:
I will work for you by offering the following design packages, independently or collaborative if needed:
1. CMF Design for your new projects, or a new release for an existing collection.
2. CMF Consultancy sessions for your projects, exhibition setup, collections.
3. CMF Research aiming towards creating new colors, materials, finishings for your projects.
4. CMF Mapping of your existing or new product line with guidance and suggestion on unifying colors, materials and finishes to solidify your position in the market while cutting costs spent on stocking 8 different shades of red fabric/paint.
5. Material Research & Scouting, acquisition, buying for specific product or collection.
6. Translate your branding, target market, value proposition into CMF solutions that respect and attract your target market by maintaining and exceeding the expectations.
If you're a University, Design Academy, Educational Institute, how I will work for/with you:
I will work for you by offering following independently or collaborative if needed:​​​​​​​
1. Workshops for students on CMF applications and form/space for product and interior design students.
2. Workshops for students on using NCS system to create color collections that are perfectly matching without even relying on luck or personal taste, and creating color systems that are easily changeable to fit new trends.
3. Work alongside professors in design subjects to develop projects on the CMF front with the student, in doing so as a full in depth project, allowing the students to really explore what it takes to choose proper colors, materials, and finishes.
4. Creating Material libraries for the institutions, including the latest innovative materials from around the world.
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