In Collaboration with Francesca Valan Studio for Lechler S.p.A
Exhibited during Milan Design Week 2018
Image rights belong to Lecler SPA​​​​​​​
Synergia is a “bridging collection” between Lechler Tech Color Trend Consultant Acromatica and IVE Color Trend Habitat (2nd Edition).
Synergìa collection merges perfectly with proposals of ACROMATICA collection, allowing user to amplify the range of colour/effect solutions with the most suitable tones to underline the specific characteristics of new effects already presented.

Synergìa presents six effects in four tones:
STARGLASS 2S: a finish with diamond effect that interacts with the light; it is suggested for very light and neutral OFF WHITES colours that make the original effect protagonist.
ON/OFF: low profile metallic finish that varies depending on the light it receives making colours ethereal, almost opalescent. It is presented in LIGHT TONALS tones, low-saturation light colours.
ON/OFF 40: the metallic finish is remarkable, if seen close up; it should be related to the size and the point of view of applied object. It is suitable for low-saturation MEDIUM colours with medium light level.
SILK: solid and ultramatt effect that gives surfaces a veiled effect. It is suitable for all light and saturation level and generates interesting gloss contrasts with a super gloss finish. In the collection, it is presented in CLASSICS colours.
HIGH GLOSSY: very gloss solid finish, suitable for every light and saturation level. Just like SILK, it is presented with the same CLASSIC used to create new combinations of different finishes.
STARGLASS: finish that “lives” with the direct light, it highlights every colour, but it is particularly interesting if applied to neutral colours that make it protagonist. It is proposed with SUPER DARK, very dark and neutral tones.
The collection is presented in a box of 24 “drops”, accompanied by a brochure in multiple languages that describes the features of this collection.

Synergia Exhibited During Milan Design Week 2018
Image rights belong to Lecler SPA

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